to my person

Born 1961 in Solingen (NRW), a city known world wide for fabricating high quality knives.

After having accomplished my university entrance qualification and finishing the military service in 1982 I continued an education to a bank employee in the city Sparkasse Solingen. In 1989 I graduated from the Rhine-Sparkasse academy in Düsseldorf and am now a qualified business administrator. From July 1989 until June 1991 I have worked in the credit section of the city Sparkasse Lengerich (Westf.). This has been one of the partner banks Sparkasse of the the district Sparkasse Strasburg/Um..
They sent Mogens Brattig Strasburg/Um. around the July 1st, date of the currency- and social union. In the summer of 1991 new challenges brought him to Strasburg/Um., where he lives ever since.

Until his withdrawel at the end of 2005 Mogens Brattig has been working 14 years in the Sparkasse Pasewalk. There he was mostly busy with analyzing the economical relations of the credit clients. During this time he finished foundational courses in business administration on the Tele-University of Hagen. Because I intend to remain in contact with the neighbours of our region, namely Szczecin I have started to learn the Polish language in 1999. Since August 2006 I am full-time self-emplyed.

Besides the professional business Mogens Brattig is highly engaged as a referee on soccer-fields of the region and is a town councilor in Strasburg/Um. since February 2006.

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